Best Western Strand Hotel
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Din åsikt är mycket viktig för oss

Enkäten tar 5-7 minuter

Best Western Rewards-medlemmar får 250 poäng som tack för hjälpen

Gillet - event and breakfast meetings

When the breakfast becomes a meeting.

Area  110m2 ( 14x8m) 
Stalls  -
School   - 
U-Table   - 
Meeting  20 (standard)
Groups  40

Our most authentic room, Gillet, is the place for breakfast meetings, exhibitions and conferences with up to 20 persons.

The premises has no windows, therefore it has a more genuine and cosy feeling than the other rooms.
It also has an impressive collection of canvases.

Standard    Yes    To rent 
Overhead     x  
Flip-Chart      x   
TV / VCR / DVD        x
LCD Projector             x
Microphone, cordless  
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